Be Mine

Last night Wildman and I worked on Valentines for his classmates.  He chose a package of Spongebob cards this year.  His teacher sent home a sheet of the names of his friends.  Wildman had to cut out each name and glue it onto his Valentine then sign his name and put a sticker on it.  It was a tidy little process that took us less than half an hour to complete.

This year I decided to make some test tubes for the boys’ classmates.  This is a picture of the work in progress.  I’m still working on creating the tags and tying them onto the tubes.  I found the test tubes here.  They are really cute!  I like that they have a screw cap and a little pop-up loop on top perfect for attaching a tag.  As you can see, I’ve filled each one with Valentine candy corn.

It’s a regular love fest around here!