Rock On!

Today was the volunteer appreciation breakfast at Wildman’s school.  I try to help out in Wildman’s classroom once a week when Cutie Pie is in preschool.  I’ve helped with art projects, making die-cut shapes, and reading with the children.  I absolutely love it!  Let me tell you, I was not prepared for how incredibly cool this appreciation event was!

The breakfast had a rock and roll theme and they went all out!  The principal and assistant principal dressed to the hilt in their best rock attire.  The assistant principal event demonstrated his impressive electric guitar skills.

Each volunteer received a hand-colored electric guitar cutout and a printed gift bag that said “Surfside Volunteers Rock”.  The teachers and staff all brought in breakfast items to share.  The chorus performed specially written songs for us.  The best part for me was when all 400+ students paraded through the cafeteria singing “Surfside Volunteers Rock” to the tune of “We Will Rock You”.  So cool!

I can’t believe how much attention to detail went into the event.  I think we all left there feeling pretty loved 🙂


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