You’re looking at one brave little guy right here!  I had to take him for his periodic blood work this morning.  He was quite apprehensive about having the needle put into this arm this time.  Getting his blood drawn has never really bothered him until today.  I’m chalking up his nerves to the very painful booster shot he received last week at the pediatrician’s office.  I have to hand it to him though.  Despite his anxiety, he managed to watch the needle go into his vein without so much as a whimper.  He was so proud of himself for not crying.  I was too.  Heck, even the three phlebotomists helping us cheered.

Cutie Pie earned his two stickers today 🙂  I even took him to pick out a new monster truck toy for his bravery.

We had to visit the lab today because I didn’t think I’d be able to get his blood work done before Cutie Pie’s endocrinologist appointment next week.  You see, we’re going skiing over the long weekend!!!  In TAHOE!!!  AT HEAVENLY!!!

Wish us all luck that we don’t break our necks or any bones for that matter…  The boys have never seen snow let alone been on skis so our vacation should be a real treat.  My friend, Dr. Cindita, and her husband will be driving over from San Francisco to join us!  I haven’t skied in more than 6 years so I hope I don’t embarrass  myself!


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  1. bethany actually
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 15:36:34

    Aw, good for Cutie Pie! One of the hardest parts of Elliora being hospitalized for RSV over the holidays was all the blood draws she had to have done. Poor baby, there’s no way to explain to a 1-month-old that it’s for her own good and will be over soon. Though when we had to have follow-up bloodwork done afterwards, the phlebotomists who did that draw were SO AWESOME that E didn’t even cry. We were completely amazed.

    Have fun skiing! Not my idea of fun, 😉 but seeing your friends will be awesome too! I’ll say a prayer that no one breaks anything.


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