Opening Day 2011

Saturday was the Little League Opening Day.  The boys and J had to arrive at 9:20 AM for team and individual pictures.  I met them at the ball field after my morning Zumba class at Curves.  There were so many people at Opening Day that I had to park a block or so away.  It’s so nice to see that level of community support.  The children enjoyed the bounce house, inflatable slide, sno-cones, pizza/hot dogs/hamburgers, the opening ceremony and the home run derby.  It was quite a busy day!  We didn’t leave the ball field until close to 2 PM.

Cousins T-bone and B are also doing Little League this season and joined us for a fun afternoon at our pool.  Can you believe it’s warm enough for that already?  Well, it’s warm enough for them.  It’s not quite warm enough for me.  I turned on the hot tub so they could jump in if they got chilled.

When J got back from kiteboarding he got our boat ready and we all headed up to a local restaurant for dinner.  I love the few restaurants we have on the river that have docks for boaters to tie up.  It was such fun!  There was a live band and a cool breeze on the deck.  The boys were wiped out by the time dinner was over and it was time to go back home.  In fact, I let my boys sleep in their clothes that night…

I love spring!


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