Publix Math Night

Tuesday was Math Night at our local Publix.  Wildman’s entire school was invited to attend the event from 4-6 PM.

We were greeted by lots of teachers from the elementary school as soon as we went inside.  Each grade had a sheet of math problems to complete based on things found in the store.  Wildman grabbed his clipboard right away and was off to work on his five questions.

How much do you weigh? (54 lbs.)

What is the shape of a soda can? (Cylinder, I don’t have a picture of this…)

How much do Publix brand hamburger buns cost? ($1.23)  Clearly we hadn’t found them yet when I took this photo 🙂

How many letters are in the first name of the sandwich maker at the deli counter? (5, her name was Jenny)

How many different kinds of Teddy Grahams are there?  What is your favorite? (4 and Honey)

After Wildman turned in his completed worksheet he got to ring up a bag of ice for my wine tasting party!  So cool!

This fun event is just one more reason why I love Publix and I love Wildman’s school!!!