Twin Day Tuesday

It’s spirit week at Wildman’s elementary school.  The PTO is trying to get everyone psyched up for the Jog-a-thon on Friday so everyday has a new theme.  The children were encouraged to wear their shirts backwards and/or inside out on Mixed Up Monday.

Tuesday was Twin Day!  As you can see, Wildman and his buddy dressed up in their best Mario Bros. clothes.

Even Wildman’s and T-bones’s teachers dressed as twins.

I didn’t take pictures of any day except Tuesday so I can’t show you how cute Wildman looked in one St. Patrick’s Day sock and one Christmas sock on Wacky Wednesday.  Today is Team Thursday so J dressed him up in a Gators t-shirt.

Like I said, Friday is the Jog-a-thon to raise money for the PTO.  The kindergartners typically run 20-30 laps.  Parents are encouraged to come out and run with them.  There are only two things that make me not want to run with Wildman tomorrow.  I have a massage scheduled at 10 AM with my friend, B, that will make me so relaxed and not ready to get out an run.  AND the jog is at noon which is getting toward the hottest part of the day.  It’s been in the 90s here.  Ugh!

You know I’ll be there jogging away though 🙂  I wouldn’t miss it!


Wordless Wednesday

Family BBQ

Wildman’s elementary school hosted a family BBQ a couple of weekends ago.  The PTO held a poster contest to advertise the event.  The photo above is the winning design.  It will be put on next year’s family BBQ t-shirts.

Fun contests and entertainment filled the afternoon from noon to 4 PM.  When we arrived we bought our tickets and headed to the food pavilion to have lunch!

After we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves with everything from hot dogs and pizza to cookies and watermelon, we decided to check out the raffle baskets and silent auction items.  Each grade collected money and put together a themed basket to raffle off.  Tickets were $1 apiece and you could put as many tickets as you wanted into the drawing for the baskets.  Kindergarten did a Lego theme.  It was adorable!  Sadly, we did not win a single thing…

J took the kids to the playground while I went to photograph the watermelon-eating and jump rope contests.  My boys were hot and tired from their morning t-ball game and refused to participate in any of the contests…  Oh, well.  I understand that.

I joined everyone back at the playground after I’d taken a bunch of pictures.  The kids were even more hot and tired by that point so we decided to call it a day.  We ended up taking the boat out for what ended up being one of the most pleasant island trips we’ve ever had.  I so wish I had brought my camera…

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