Friday was set up to be a stellar day and for the most part it was.  B and I had hot stone massages scheduled for the morning.  Wildman’s Jog-a-thon was at noon.  Space Shuttle Endeavor was supposed to launch at 3:47 pm (the launch ended up being scrubbed due to technical difficulties though).  And Big Red volunteered to watch the boys so J and I could have a date night!

I wasn’t so sure that Wildman’s jog-a-thon was going to happen as the weather looked pretty threatening all morning.  When I left my massage I was happy to see that the skies had cleared somewhat and the temperature had cooled down.  It was perfect running weather.  Not ideal for me since I was all relaxed…  But I promised Wildman I would go and run along side him.

J was able to take some time off work to join us too!

Wildman’s class before running…

Wildman’s class after running…

In the end, Wildman completed 27 laps in 40 minutes.  That means that we owe the PTO $27 since we pledged $1/lap.  I hope the kids were able to generate a ton of money for their school.  If Wildman’s friend who completed 50 laps is any indication, it was a very successful fundraiser!