Memorial Day Recap

We spent Monday out on the islands with B and her family… for seven hours!  It was great!  I have been battling a head cold and was pretty much in bed all weekend moaning, complaining and reading The Help (which is a tremendous book, by the way).  By yesterday morning I was so fed up that I refused to sit in bed another day.  J found some Sudafed in our medicine cabinet that I combined with Advil.  The concoction fixed me up (for four hours anyway) and we set out to enjoy the day with my meds packed in the beach bag for later on.

When the last cookie had been eaten and we could no longer stand another minute in the sun, J drove us to up to Grills for dinner in the boat.

Cutie Pie fell asleep as he usually does at the end of an island adventure.  His power nap was enough to energize him for dinner.  By the time we’d driven through a brief rainstorm and docked at the restaurant, he was ready to go!

Dinner was excellent.  I had the Mahi mahi tacos that had some kind of wonderful spicy sauce on it that made my nose run.  It was about 9 PM by the time we left Grills and the kids were naturally beat from a day full of excitement.  I ended up putting Wildman to bed in his clothes because I could not wake him up when we got to our house.  Both boys had to take a good long bath first thing this morning!  LOL!


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