Painted Pottery for Father’s Day

I’m finally getting around to posting photos of the pottery Wildman and Cutie Pie painted for J for Father’s Day!  We packed a lunch and met some friends at our local pottery painting studio one afternoon.  I really wanted to work on something myself but with all the chaos of setting up, eating lunch and helping the boys with their projects, I ran out of time.

I absolutely love how the boys’ pieces turned out!  Cutie Pie did an excellent job on the “My Dad Rocks” square plate.  I think it looks rather Impressionistic.  I, of course, helped a little with the lettering 🙂

Wildman went with blue and green stripes for his coffee mug.  The mug is a great size and weight.  It’s manly.  Substantial.  Wildman painted the word “Dad” on the side in green but it didn’t show up very well.  So, I went back and defined the letters with a bit of navy paint.  I think it came out wonderfully!

The boys each signed the bottom of their pieces and I added “Happy Father’s Day 2011”.  I know we’ll keep these dishes forever!  Perhaps, we’ll make this an annual tradition.  Each year we can add a new item to our collection!


Wordless Wednesday

Deadliest Catch

Captain Sig Hansen and the Hillstrand brothers, fishing boat captains from Deadliest Catch, came to Melbourne last Friday night.  I found out about the show while checking out what summer offerings the King Center was advertising in hopes that I’d find something for me and the kids.  Well, as luck would have it, I found something for J and Big Red instead.  A third ticket for me was my finder’s fee 🙂  I’m not a huge fan of the show or anything.  I’ve only seen a couple of episodes but found it very interesting.  J and Big Red have watched Deadliest Catch way more than me so I knew they’d be sure to enjoy it.

The show came with a warning about adult content and from what I can gather that due to the copious swearing.  It added to the experience though.  The guys are man’s men and perform one of the hardest jobs on the planet so I expect nothing less that seeing them smoke lots unfiltered Camels and a dropping few f-bombs…  The show was set up in an interview style with one of our local radio station DJs hosting/interviewing.  I found it to be quite entertaining even though I knew practically nothing about the show.

Still need to find a show for me and the kids though…  Our summer days are getting quite long!

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