It’s Florida. It’s June. Let’s Swim.

I’m joining a friend for a yoga class in an hour.  So, I’m sitting here at my computer eating a bowl of raisin bran to fuel up for a possible beating.  My friend is a yoga instructor and is wonderfully limber and strong.  She is not teaching the class tonight, however.  And I’m thinking that any class that an instructor attends as a student must be good (meaning brutal for us mortals).  Wish me luck.

Yoga has nothing to do with this post except that the lady who brought her kids over for a play date yesterday (Kati) is a fellow yoga lover.  She used to join me at the preschool on Monday mornings for the free class that our instructor friend (the one I’m joining tonight) taught.  Kati will be summering with her kids in Wisconsin.  Her husband travels for work quite a bit and Kati didn’t feel like staying here with her kids by herself all summer long.  Her mom, dad and extended family all live in Wisconsin so she’ll have plenty of support.

Kati and her family leave next week and yesterday at noon was the only time that worked for both of our schedules for us to get together before they take off.

Kati’s oldest son is the same age as Cutie Pie.  They were in the same class when they were two years-old but had different teachers this year.  Her son is a beginning swimmer and discovered the joy of using a kick board in our pool.  He went from being very nervous about trying it to needing some assistance from his mom to completely kicking around the pool on his own.  It was so cool to watch his confidence grow!

I invited Wildman’s friend to join us too.  Both of his parents work so he is spending his summer days with his grandma and his baby brother.  I think this play date was a nice break for him.  The boys played in the pool nonstop!  They build floating forts, had water squirter battles, did cannonballs and swam laps.

I served all sorts of finger foods to snack on.  The boys had cheese pizza for lunch and ice pops for dessert.  Summer would not be summer without Popsicles!


My cereal has been eaten and my daily blog post has been written.  I think I’ll look up the size limit for mangrove snapper for J.  He called me from the boat in the Keys to ask me this afternoon.  Unfortunately, I was with the kids at Chuck E. Cheese’s and could not easily look up the information for him.  Chances are the overly friendly (read: gay) marine patrol officer will search the boat again “looking for fishies” this evening…  I don’t want him and Big Red to be fined for illegal fish!


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