Wordless Wednesday


Evolution of a Family Portrait

In true first-month-of-preschool fashion, Cutie Pie’s teacher is doing a lesson about families.  She requested that we send in a family picture to use on their classroom bulletin board.  It’s been a while since we’ve taken a family picture so I decided to gather the troops for a little photo session out by the pool last Thursday.  We had the camera positioned on the tripod, the kids were relatively clean and awake, J and I were looking pretty decent- perfect!

Kind of…

After setting the self-timer on camera, I hurdled myself over the tripod, pool railing and patio furniture to join my crew.  Cutie Pie decided to be a lump and would not move.  Somehow I managed to scrape his toe on the pavers while trying to pick him up.  The result was a less than fabulous family portrait.  Cutie Pie was sobbing, J was trying not to laugh, I had an overcompensating grin and Wildman had his eyes closed…

The second take wasn’t much better since Cutie Pie was still pissed about the toe and I have my hair blowing in my face…

The third take resulted in a keeper.  It’s not perfect but it was good enough for the preschool family tree!  Don’t you love my wind-blown model hair?  LOL!

Saturday Afternoon Nap

Behold!  This hasn’t happened for two years or so.  Wildman actually took a nap on Saturday afternoon!  I guess this is what happens when you have school all day, a football game in the evening and your cousin sleeps over on Friday.  T-bone slept over on Wildman’s trundle and Cutie Pie went next door to Big Red’s house to sleep over with cousin B.  I’m actually a little surprised that T-bone and B wanted to do this.  They’re very protective of their one-on-one time with their dad which is completely expected given the chaos they experience with two extra people living at their mom’s house.

Anyway, T-bone and Wildman woke up at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning to play math games on the computer.  Much to my happiness, they let me sleep until 8 AM before requesting a pancake breakfast 🙂

I think we should allow Friday night sleepovers more often if I can actually get a nap out of Wildman!

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