Meet the mighty SeaHawks!  They are one of six flag football teams in our local youth league.  Since their team color is green they are better known as the GreenHawks.

Last Friday night was the jamboree where the six teams took turns playing one another for fun.  No scoring!  Wildman played center so he got to hike the ball which he loved.  Cutie Pie was…?  I’m not sure what his position was exactly.  I just know he was super important to the offense 🙂

The boys on the team spent a lot of time bonding over tales of missing teeth and mouth guards.

The cheerleaders were so cute I could hardly stand it!

T-bone’s team, the BlueHawks, played in the first round of games.  We cheered him on loudly from the sidelines 🙂

He was rewarded with a huge slice of pepperoni pizza at the end.

He even shared a little bit of his crust with Wildman 🙂

Our coach is the best!  He was the room dad for Wildman’s kindergarten class last year.  He has coached every sport under the sun for his kids except football.  This is his first time and he is wonderful.  Our team managed to score a touchdown which is pretty remarkable if you’ve ever seen the practices…  But we have several really good players and an exceptional coach.  Somehow all the practice time paid off with a great play!

We’re looking forward to a fun season!