Monster Bookmarks for the Star Student

Wildman was star student in his class last week.  The honor meant that he was line leader all week, got to read in the classroom tent with his choice of friends, got to determine which three days the students would eat lunch in their classroom and got to bring in special treats all week for his classmates.  It was a pretty big deal, as you can imagine.

I took Wildman to Target last weekend to pick out healthy snacks to bring in.  He chose hummus with carrots and wheat sticks, apple sauce, string cheese, whole apples, grapes, dried fruit trail mix and granola bars.  I whipped up a batch of yellow cake balls as the one unhealthy but yummy treat of the week 🙂

Wildman’s teacher is a reading fanatic.  She loves to read and is extremely determined to make her students proficient readers as well as lovers of books.  So, I knew that I wanted to make bookmarks for the kids last week as well.  I found directions for how to make cute monster page corner bookmarks here via Pinterest.  The kids loved them!

I’m a total Pinterest junkie nowadays…  I find that I can squander massive amounts of time looking at all the inspiring eye candy!  It’s an addiction.  Help!


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  2. Tally Heilke (@TallysTreasury)
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 15:19:01

    So glad you could make use of my bookmark tutorial! I like your idea of using little jewels for the pupils. I bet when they catch the light they look like they’re winking up at you. 🙂


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