Field Trip

Yesterday, Wildman’s class joined the other 1st/2nd combined class and the other second grade classes at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High Auditorium for a 3D interactive show about making healthy eating choices.  I tagged along as a chaparone and got to experience Wildman’s first school bus ride with him.  It’s been his dream to ride a school bus and he totally thinks he is getting robbed by not having to ride one.  I’ve tried to explain to him that he’s extremely lucky to be able to live within walking and biking distance of his school.  He doesn’t believe me 🙂

The show was put on by Kid Power and was really quite entertaining.  It probably wasn’t as exciting as visiting Greenmeadows Farm like the other first graders got to do but it was still pretty darn cool and LOCAL.  Parts of the show were in 3D and parts of the show were in a one-man play format.  It was part musical, part movie, part science lesson and part interactive experience.  The kids loved shouting out their parts from the audience.  One of Wildman’s classmates was even called upon to dance on stage!

After the show we took a couple of pictures with the star then headed over to a local park for a picnic lunch.

Things got a little hairy when another group of three classes from a local school arrived and pretty much took over the park.  It was total chaos for a while.  Lots of kids were climbing trees which is a liability for the teachers.  When a couple of teachers asked the children to get down some moms got very snippy and were disrespectful to the teachers in front of their children.  Ugh!  We ended up packing up our things and leaving early.  It wasn’t worth the risk of someone getting injured falling from a tree or hurting themselves on a too-crowded playground structure.  Our kids didn’t mind leaving early.  They were looking forward to recess on their own playground back at school.

Cutie Pie’s field trip is this morning!  We’re pumpkin patch bound!  🙂


Boo at the Zoo 2011

Big Red invited us up to check out his 2011 Boo at the Zoo display on Saturday night.  We took his boys up with us since they hadn’t seen it yet either.

I have to say the fire pit was a nice addition and will hopefully lead to some new business for him.

Of course the boys ended up with gobs of candy from trick-or-treating around the zoo.  I might just have to pay some of it forward on the 31st when kids come to our door 🙂

Our past Boo at the Zoo visits can be seen here and here.

Check this video out.  Big Red and Auntie Jo are at the 0:06 sec. mark and Cutie Pie’s t-ball assistant coach/team sponsor is toward the end with his little Snow White :-)!

Scenes from Mad Science Night

Mad Science Night is a super fun event that Wildman’s school hosts in mid-late October each year.  The teachers from each grade get together to host a simple science experiment.  It’s a great open house that begins with pizza, music and a bake sale on the patio and ends with the kids running wild on the playground as the sun sets.

The  first grade teachers let the children make screaming balloons by dropping a metal nut into a balloon.  When it was blown up you could move the balloon in such a way as to create a screaming sound.  Wildman popped his almost immediately.  Cutie Pie’s balloon finally bit the dust when we got home.

Some of the other experiments included making rainbow gel test tubes, creating dancing Rice Krispies with static electricity, taking a ride on a homemade hover craft, playing with fortune-telling fish and making glowing slime…  We had to miss the boys’ baseball and t-ball games to attend this event and I’m so glad we did.  It was such a nice family event.

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy.  I’m attending a friend’s 40th birthday party tonight and J’s taking the boys up to Boo at the Zoo.  There’s a fair in town.  Kennedy Space Center is hosting their free admission weekend for Brevard County residents.  They boys have ball games on Saturday morning.  I’m teaching Zumba on Saturday morning.  Whew!  Don’t think we’ll be bored!

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