100 Things

  1. I am 32-years-young.
  2. I notice lines on my face that weren’t there 10 years ago…
  3. I’m a klutz.
  4. I have two gorgeous sons, aged 5 and 3, who are the center of my universe.
  5. My husband is the most generous, adorable, patient, and handiest person I know.
  6. I love my husband with all of my heart.
  7. We’ve been married for 10 years and together for 16.
  8. I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. It’s something I never had growing up.
  9. I used to be a chemical engineer before I had Wildman.
  10. I have an MBA from the University of Houston that I’ve never used professionally.
  11. I used to have to wear SCUBA gear for work because one of our intermediate chemicals was phosgene. Phosgene is a nerve agent used in chemical warfare…
  12. I don’t miss work all that much. Or living in Texas.
  13. Bacon is my friend.
  14. I have a corny sense of humor that many of my family members don’t get.
  15. Luckily I have a few close friends who “get” me!
  16. I have blue eyes.
  17. I have brown hair which has never been chemically highlighted or dyed in any way for fear of ruining my natural highlights. But when I start to get gray hair- watch out! I’m dyeing my hair!
  18. I’m an only child and I hated it!
  19. I promised myself that I would never have just one child.
  20. I’ve been sky diving solo (without an instructor strapped to my back).
  21. I’ve been cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica.
  22. I honeymooned in Italy with J: Rome, Pompeii, Pisa, Florence, Venice.
  23. I’ve been to Chile for an MBA study-abroad trip. We ventured into the center of the Earth via a Codelco copper mine shaft. I thought I might die in there…
  24. The first car I ever bought was a brand new Mustang GT. I loved that car!
  25. I have an overly sensitive scalp. I can’t stand people brushing my hair or massaging my head.
  26. I’m a chocoholic.
  27. You can’t leave me in a room alone with a key lime pie or carrot cake either.
  28. Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies.
  29. I love to go barefoot.
  30. I love to have my teeth cleaned at the dentist.
  31. I’m kind of a neat freak. The house must be picked up by the end of the day but I usually clean it up several times throughout the day.
  32. I love the rain, especially the sound of it on the roof at night.
  33. I love snow skiing though I’m not very good.
  34. I’m a SCUBA diver.
  35. I LOVE ZUMBA.  In fact, I’m a certified instructor!
  36. I want to learn piano and guitar.
  37. I want to learn to sew.
  38. I prefer red wine over white.
  39. A perfect date night for me is dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, browsing a bookstore, and going to a movie.
  40. I wear contacts.
  41. I want laser eye surgery.
  42. I love to swim.
  43. Visiting St. Augustine was a regular occurrence in college. It’s one of my favorite places. St. Augustine at Christmastime is truly magical.
  44. I make a mean beer can chicken.
  45. I try to make one recipe out of Southern Living magazine each month. I’ve yet to try a crappy recipe from them. I trust their test kitchen -)
  46. Les Miserables captivates me.
  47. Tanning beds scare me.
  48. I’ve met Guy Harvey.
  49. Kenny Chesney has kissed me on the cheek.
  50. I like most kinds of music except Reggae.
  51. I love shopping.
  52. I love to decorate my home.
  53. I am insanely ticklish.
  54. I love roller coasters.
  55. I’ve never been motion sick.
  56. I’ve climbed to the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii. What a view!
  57. I believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to hang paper towels and toilet paper.
  58. I’m a Capricorn.
  59. I don’t believe in luck.
  60. Pillars of the Earth is my new favorite book.
  61. I wish I got out more… kids put your life on hold for a while…
  62. Scrapbooking is my number one hobby. J made me the sweetest scrap area for my crafting.
  63. Starbucks is my friend.
  64. My dad and I don’t speak.
  65. His wife doesn’t like me.
  66. Etsy.com is an internet haunt of mine.
  67. I want to build swimming pool in our backyard.
  68. I’m not a naturally social person and can be described as an introvert in new situations/around unfamiliar people.
  69. I hate reading lengthy e-mails.
  70. I don’t like tomatoes or beets.
  71. People who can’t spell or use proper grammar bother me.
  72. I’m not overly religious. I have so many questions…
  73. I shave the tops of my feet and toes.
  74. Afternoon naps are my friends.
  75. I’m a cat person, not a dog person.
  76. But I don’t want at pet.
  77. I love to visit our local art shows and eat kettle corn.
  78. Art History I & II were my favorite classes in college and yet I became an engineer.
  79. Condescending, social climbers make me itch.
  80. I want to go to Australia.
  81. An African safari is on my wish list as well.
  82. I love the Beatles.
  83. I’m a reality TV junkie.
  84. I love pedicures even though I don’t get them that often.
  85. I want to learn to ballroom dance.
  86. Zumba is my dancing outlet these days…
  87. My favorite color is blue.
  88. Irises are my favorite flower.
  89. I look forward to clean sheet day.
  90. I wish I could squeeze into my jeans from college.
  91. Walking to the beach with my family is the best. I hope my kids remember our walks fondly when their adults.
  92. I’m working on holding my tongue and listening more.
  93. I have a fiery temper.
  94. I love sushi!
  95. I sometimes wish I’d had a daughter not that I’d give up one of my boys for anything! And I’m not having anymore children. But part of me longs for a girl…
  96. I like to be aware of the time so I must wear a watch. My husband is the exact opposite.
  97. I’ve never operated a lawn mower.
  98. Monsters, Inc. is my favorite kids’ movie.
  99. Artificial cherry flavor is gross.
  100. I’m right-handed.


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  1. Katie Frank
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 11:46:41

    This list is such a great idea! I already feel like I know you 🙂 I especially like the ones about Moulin Rouge, Etsy, Les Miserables, and St. Augustine! All loves of mine!


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