Wordless Wednesday


Touch Tank at the Library

The Riverwalk Nature Center set up a small touch tank at the library last week.  Thinking it was going to be fun for the kiddos, we headed over to check it out.  While the presentation was very informative, the representative from the nature center did not adjust her speech for her audience.  Most of the children were between 4- and 10-years-old.  The talk was geared more toward a high school or adult audience.  The children were naturally a bit bored and fidgety.

By the time the children were asked to line up for the touch tank, Wildman had been reduced to behaving like this…

Flashback Friday

For your amusement, I thought I’d post one of my Glamour Shots-esque senior photos.  I have a very similar one in blue- blue boa, blue backdrop.  There’s also one where they stuffed the stem of a rose in my armpit.  I cannot find that one or the blue one to save my life.  Darn!

I’m pretty sure this photo was taken the summer before my senior year began.  So, welcome to the summer 1993!  I was 17-years-old here.  Notice how I’m slyly smiling just enough to make it look somewhat sincere but not enough to show my braces.  I believe those huge gold earrings are clip-ons that I borrowed from my mother.


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