Field Trip

Yesterday, Wildman’s class joined the other 1st/2nd combined class and the other second grade classes at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High Auditorium for a 3D interactive show about making healthy eating choices.  I tagged along as a chaparone and got to experience Wildman’s first school bus ride with him.  It’s been his dream to ride a school bus and he totally thinks he is getting robbed by not having to ride one.  I’ve tried to explain to him that he’s extremely lucky to be able to live within walking and biking distance of his school.  He doesn’t believe me 🙂

The show was put on by Kid Power and was really quite entertaining.  It probably wasn’t as exciting as visiting Greenmeadows Farm like the other first graders got to do but it was still pretty darn cool and LOCAL.  Parts of the show were in 3D and parts of the show were in a one-man play format.  It was part musical, part movie, part science lesson and part interactive experience.  The kids loved shouting out their parts from the audience.  One of Wildman’s classmates was even called upon to dance on stage!

After the show we took a couple of pictures with the star then headed over to a local park for a picnic lunch.

Things got a little hairy when another group of three classes from a local school arrived and pretty much took over the park.  It was total chaos for a while.  Lots of kids were climbing trees which is a liability for the teachers.  When a couple of teachers asked the children to get down some moms got very snippy and were disrespectful to the teachers in front of their children.  Ugh!  We ended up packing up our things and leaving early.  It wasn’t worth the risk of someone getting injured falling from a tree or hurting themselves on a too-crowded playground structure.  Our kids didn’t mind leaving early.  They were looking forward to recess on their own playground back at school.

Cutie Pie’s field trip is this morning!  We’re pumpkin patch bound!  🙂


Happy April Fool’s Friday

I really don’t like April Fool’s Day so no jokes for you from me.  Instead, I’ll tell you about the fun that was had at our house last night in the form of a sleepover.  My friend, B, had made arrangements with her mother to keep her kids one night during Spring Break..  B’s mom forgot to check her calendar, however.  It turns out that she had already committed to going to a birthday party on the night she promised to take her grandchildren.  B’s kids were supposed to go to grandma’s house last night. All day yesterday they were moping around the house disappointed that grandma had reneged.  B called me in a fit of frustration because her kids were upset and because she was looking forward to a date night with her husband.  I’d have been in a tizzy too if i were B.  Since I didn’t have anything going on and J was out of town (again) I suggested a sleepover at our house.  Both sets of kids were thrilled with the new plans!

Yesterday’s weather was atrocious.  Bands of a raging spring storm swept across us all day.  I received countless tornado warning alerts in my inbox.  It was a good night to stay inside.  The kids and I filled our evening playing with homemade play dough, making cute carrot planters for dessert, eating breakfast for dinner, having a dance party, coloring in coloring books, doing acrobatics over the back of the couch and watching Tangled in 3D.

I invited T-bone and cousin B over to join us for the movie since Big Red has them on Thursday nights.  They came over in high spirits and enjoyed spending some time with their friends.

The only hiccup of the entire evening occurred toward the end of the movie.  Moose, B’s daughter, was frightened of the villain.  I tried my best to reassure her that the movie was not real and that she was save.  But Moose wanted comfort from her mommy so when the DVD was over I immediately called B to come over.  Moose was grateful to see her mom and collapsed into a tired wail.  Poor girl!  B took her home to the safety of her own warm bed.  I felt bad that Moose got so frightened.  I’m hoping that she’ll be able to hang with us the whole night next time I have them over.  But I promise not to show a movie with scary parts!  Thankfully, Moose’s brother was able to hang with us all night 🙂

Happily, the bad weather has passed and we’re heading up to the zoo for some more fun!  Have a wonderful Friday, folks!