6th Annual Hispanic Festival- Zumba Demo

A few of the ladies who attend our Zumba class asked Stephanie and I if we would do a demonstration at the Hispanic Festival at the library where they work.  The event was last Saturday in the parking lot of the Palm Bay Library.  There were lots of awesome performances by singers and dancers from our local Hispanic community.

Steph and I, being the gringas that we are, felt a little out of place bringing Zumba to the event but we also felt honored at the same time.  You see, the library’s director bumped a large Zumba studio from the schedule in favor of us!  She felt that since she attended our class and we have strictly donation based classes that promoting our little business would be more in line with the goals of the festival than promoting a large commercial studio.

I made sure to give our library friends a special shout out for inviting us to give a demo.

We had lots of wonderful people from the crowd come up to dance with us.  This guy was especially awesome!  The swelter heat of the afternoon didn’t phase him a bit 🙂

Steph and I performed five songs that made up our 20-minute performance.  The crowd’s response was awesome- lots or cheering and dancing.  We enjoyed our time at the festival very much.

The librarians kindly set us up with some amazing food to go.  We didn’t eat at the festival because we were so incredibly hot from our workout.  Both Steph and I felt nauseous and had headaches from the heat.  I did devour the pork, plantains and rice and beans when I got home though.  Let me tell you that it was some of the best food I’ve ever had.  So, so good!

Thanks to Lisa and Josephine and all the rest of the ladies from the Palm Bay Library for having us at this awesome event!  And thanks to the Hispanic community for welcoming us!