Volunteer Thank You Gifts

So, I came across these darling Spring in a Cans on Etsy a while back.  I thought the idea was adorable and stuck it in my mental filing cabinet to be retrieved at a later date.  The inspiration reemerged when I found teeny tiny acrylic paint cans while wondering around Michael’s one day.  They were perfect for making my own “spring in a can” favors.

I thought these little gifts would be ideal for my Spring Fling volunteers!  They’re cute.  They’re spring-y!  They’re perfect!

I planted Bermuda grass seeds in a couple of inches of Miracle Gro potting soil and watered them every day.  Unfortunately, they did not grow as quickly as I thought they would.  It took 2 1/2 weeks for the grass to look like it does in these photos.  I’m taking 9 favors with me to my parent volunteer meeting tomorrow and will bring in the rest when my second batch of grass gets a little taller.  I need about 18 cans in all and don’t anticipate more than nine people showing for tomorrow’s meeting so my first batch should be sufficient for now.

The metal on my paint cans did get a little bit rusty from the water and from being outside but I think it adds a bit of rustic charm to the favors.  I hope the moms like them!


Custom Order Lego Box

Remember that dinosaur box B and I made a while back?  Well, the same lady who ordered it contacted me a couple of weeks before Christmas asking for another box.  Lego this time!  B and I couldn’t be more happy to have a return customer!

I really like how this suitcase turned out.  I paper-pieced the Lego logo by hand so it’s not completely perfect but I think it adds to the box’s charm.  I love how colorful it is too.  We had to keep B’s son from keeping it for himself 🙂

Cutie Pie returns to school this morning.  I cannot believe the winter break is over already.  Wildman goes back tomorrow…  *sigh*  Back to busy, I guess.  Now if I can just shake this cold!

First Custom Order: Dinosaur Box

Here are a few photos of our first custom order from our first craft fair.  Our city’s finance director came by our booth and asked us if we could create a dinosaur box for her 5-year-old grandson.  There were a few constraints: it had to have a handle, be easy to open and be large enough to hold his dinosaur toys.  Always up for a challenge, B and I happily agreed to create one for her.

I think we met the requirements pretty well!  We even threw in three bonus dinosaurs to go along with it.

Would you believe that this suitcase used to have a hot pink and blue Cinderella design all over it?!

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