One Step Up from Garden Gnomes

Big Red arrived home to a deer in the headlights on Monday night.  Literally.  There was a concrete doe nestled in the grass beside his mailbox.

Upon closer inspection, several more tacky lawn ornaments were discovered in his yard with a pair of bunnies taking center stage in the front island.

After confirming that his parents had not gifted him with such beat up presents, Big Red called us up asking if we knew anything about his new friends.  I had no clue what he was talking about so I went over to check things out.  It was pretty darn funny to see such charming and cutesy lawn ornaments in a single, straight man’s yard.  After a good laugh at the obvious practical joke I assured Big Red that we had nothing to do with it.  Big Red then went on to fret about who could have possibly done such a thing and would he be offending someone when he threw them away if an elderly neighbor had actually put them there with the kindest of intentions.  I highly doubted that Mrs. D next door saw him as a garden statue charity case and suggested that he question Ricardo the next morning.

Sure enough, Ricardo (a fellow lawn care business owner) was the culprit.  He was doing a job for someone who was getting rid of the animals and instead of throwing them out decided to put them to good use in a practical joke.  Well played, Ricardo!  Well played 🙂


Zoo Day

Today is a day for taking it easy.  Wildman is at school and Cutie Pie is home with me.  It’s supposed to rain and I have housework to finish up.  Since we don’t have anywhere we have to be I let Cutie Pie stay in his pajamas.  I love days like this.

Part of my housework this morning consisted of vacuuming up shards of glass from our back porch.  The wind was so strong yesterday that my outdoor wall clock blew down.  I thought the face was made of plastic but soon found out differently.  I loved that clock.  You could read the time from the other side of the pool.  Now I’m on a mission to find a replacement.

The other thing I had to clean up outside was a huge piece of soffit that had apparently blown down over night.  That’s some pretty strong wind!  March has not gone out like a lamb…

Anyway, because we’re being bums today, I don’t have any fun pictures or stories to share except for our zoo trip last Friday.  By TGIF the weather had finally turned nice so B and I took our kids on a little field trip.  Much fun was had at the petting zoo and wading pools.  Dippin’ Dots were consumed with joy.  It was a lovely day!

Now I’m off to scour the Internet for ideas for fun summer activities for the kids.  I’m sure we’ll do a vacation bible school or two but I’m not sure that I’ll sign them up for swim lessons this year.  Both boys are very competent swimmers.  I definitely need to find a few fun things to break up the summer without over-scheduling ourselves into craziness.

Enjoy this Tuesday!

Lion Country Safari

Last Thursday B and I took our four kids to see the animals and ride the rides at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach.  I’d heard of this zoological park many times but had never been so it was a special treat for me too.  Basically you wind your way through miles of paved trails through a wildlife refuge until you hit the amusement park at the end.

And boy did we see animals!  It was the entire cast of Madagascar (minus Gloria) and then some!  So cool!  A lot of the animals came right up to the car and many just crossed the street right in front of us.  The rules state that you have to keep the windows rolled up and drive very slowly for obvious reasons.  I’m actually quite pleased with how the photos turned out given that they were taken through a dusty window.

The amusement park was good old-fashioned fun.  There was a carousel, a small Ferris wheel, a petting zoo, paddle boats, camel rides and miniature golf.  We did pretty much everything and had a great time.  The kids were totally exhausted by the end of the day though.  Cutie Pie didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before nodding off!

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