Why Do Bad Things Seem to Happen in Threes?

I’m not having a wonderful day today. Let me highlight the big three ingredients for my crappy day:

1. J and I got into a lame argument over socks this morning. I’m not even going to delve into the details of it because it’s rather embarrassing in it’s stupidity. Just know that both of us are in a stand-off over socks. SOCKS!

2. Cutie Pie has had an allergic reaction to his MMR shot from yesterday. He’s covered in a head-to-toe pink, spotty rash. It doesn’t itch and he doesn’t have a fever, thankfully. I gave him Benadryl which seemed to help him but totally zonked him out.

3. The Sit-A-Lot beach police showed up on our sunny street while my cousin and I were playing with our boys in the fence-less backyard. We had motorcycle cops, SUV cops and regular squad cars patrolling our ‘hood. The officer I spoke with said they were looking for two guys walking around carrying a yardstick-sized object. Our neighbor across the street found the guys in their backyard. We immediately took the kids inside and locked our doors. I don’t know if the police ever found them. I’m beginning to wonder about the safety of our “Leave It To Beaver” community…

Can I have a “do-over” for today, please?