Manatee Encounter

There is a protected cove at Sebastian Inlet called Bathtub Beach.  The water is super shallow and not very choppy.  Lots of moms bring their kids there to swim in the warm, clear water.  Cutie Pie’s play group met there last Thursday.  Because it’s summer the older children got to come for the fun too.  Wildman was thrilled to play with some of his buds.

One of the highlights of the afternoon came when several manatees swam up.  Wildman and his friend, H, were actually able to pet one before it swam way.  So cool!  You can see a big white scar from a boat propeller injury in the first photo…

We stayed at the beach for over four hours.  The boys were completely exhausted by the time we hopped in the car for the half hour ride back home.  Have I told you lately that I love summer?  Long days spent swimming to exhaustion with good friends.  It doesn’t get any better.