Investigative Help

When I went to make the Batman layout for T-bone’s birthday party I discovered that the Batman stickers I had bought were missing. I enlisted the help of Wilman to find them. We turned the house upside down searching for the mislaid embellishments. Wildman had a couple of suggestions for what happened to them:

“I think they’re in your potty.”

“I think squirrels ate them.”

Mmmm, hmmmm. That kid of mine cracks me up!

Alas, the stickers were no where to be found. I had to dash out to the local craft store to pick up some more. The lost ones will probably turn up in a month or so.

T-bone’s party was last night. It was such fun bouncing in the inflatable houses and zooming down the two-story slide! Even T-bone’s grandparents got in on the action. Perhaps the funniest thing was when T-bone’s 70-something-year-old G-pa decided to try the obstacle course. After about 15 minutes he made it to the final challenge- the climbing wall and slide. The climbing wall was probably 9 ft. tall. I was at the top of the wall getting ready to go down the slide when he rounded the corner. He bellowed, “OMG!” as he looked up in horror. I told him he could do it and that I would help pull him up. It was so hilarious! He struggled with the toeholds and handles. I told him he couldn’t fall because there was a little girl below him. My cousin, S, caught up with him and pushed him from below and I grabbed his arms. We managed to get him up to the slide platform huffing and puffing. I’m sure we looked pretty funny.