Online Birthday Shopping

J’s 36th birthday is on September 25th.  I asked him for birthday gift suggestions.  A wish list, if you will.  *sigh*  In true J fashion, he sent me a list of things that I have no idea how to obtain…

I really would like to do a nitrox dive class, but its not really something you can “give” me.
I also would like a fixed mount fishing pole holder, some new handles, and a bungee tiedown for the kayak.

Handles?  What kind of handles?  Bungee cords?  Ugh, I’m at a complete loss here.  I’m went out on a limb and ordered something this morning that I know he’d never buy for himself.


J’s a total naure lover.  He clung to his childhood National Geographic magazine collection until a couple of years ago.  He has many, many volumes of a National Geographic leatherbound nature series.  I think he’s really going to love this Planet Earth box set.

J did go on to say that he wants an ice cream cake.  That I can do!