Guess Who Taught Himself to Surf?

“No, Dad!  I want to do it myself”

He started on a boogie board and moved his way up to a surfboard this summer.  This weekend he mastered the surfboard all by himself! My four-year-old is a surfer.

Wildman has some catching up to do…


The End of an Era

Today marked the final launch of the space shuttle program.  At almost 11:30 this morning, Atlantis safely lifted off from Kennedy Space Center marking the end of an era.

We joined friends at the beach to share this historic moment with the million or so spectators who lined the Space Coast.  The weather has been iffy lately and we were not sure that the shuttle would even go today.  Happily for us and the many, many visitors who made a special trip to Brevard County, we were treated to a beautiful launch.  The cloud cover did not interfere with our view, thankfully!  And there were no storms in the area to delay lift off.

J was able to take the day off to join us at the beach.  He brought his longboard along for a little surf session before launch.

We met three other families for a play date of sorts.  The children were so happy to see one another!  They had a great time running from the surf to our chairs and back again.  It was fun watching them all interact.  One little girl brought a packet of astronaut ice cream to share.  Wildman loved it, Cutie Pie was not so sure about it…

It was also nice catching up with the adults.  Two of the moms who met us are pregnant and they looked so lovely.  Time flew by as it always does at the beach amid a flurry of games, snacks, lunch and conversation.  As we packed up to leave after three hours of sandy fun, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad that we’ll never be able to use a shuttle launch as a reason for an impromptu play date again.

Happy Father’s Day

We spent Father’s Day afternoon at the beach in Cocoa Beach.  We packed a picnic lunch, the umbrella for shade, the boogie board and the surfboards.  J’s goal to to try to teach the boys (and me) how to surf.

Wildman rode a few small waves in with J’s help but quickly lost interest. I tried my hand at the long board (sorry no photos of me) and found that I have absolutely no balance…

Cutie Pie wanted nothing to do with learning how to surf with J and the surfboard.  He took his boogie board out and taught himself how to catch a wave, how to stand up on the board and how to ride the wave to shore.  It was pretty amazing watching him at only four-years-old.  He had such determination!  I was so proud of him!

Big Red and his boys joined us for a few hours too!  It was a nice relaxing way to spend Father’s Day.

When I get my camera and the boys’ creations together, I’ll share photos of the ceramic mug and plate that they painted at a pottery studio for J…

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