Bike Day 2010

Wildman made his two-wheeled bicycle debut at Bike Day on Friday!  I was not able to attend the event due to a prior Zumba Kids commitment so I sent J to the preschool with strict instructions to take lots of pictures.  He did not disappoint.

From what I understand, Wildman was the most heavily padded participant.  But we weren’t taking any chances given that he’d just begun his two-wheeling only a few short days ago!  He took a handle bar to the ribs on Thursday night while practicing.  We weren’t sure he’d ever want to get back on his bike without the security of training wheels.

But he surprised us at Bike Day.

He didn’t need any help from J as he made the circuit around the church campus.  He was so excited that he was able to ride on the section designated for Two-Wheel Riders Only!!!

This boy of mine is growing by leaps and bounds.  I’m not sure how I’m going to handle Kindergarten registration on Monday…


Wildman Rides Again

Bike Day is coming up this again and Wildman is determined to ride his bike without training wheels this year.  You know, “I’m five”,  “I’m independent”,  “I’m not a BABY”.  Last weekend he asked J to take his training wheels off so he could practice.

This was Wildman last spring trying out two wheels for the first time on a local sports field:

He did surprisingly well for his first time.  But he got frustrated after a while and asked to have his training wheels put back on his bike.  We obliged and did not push him to keep riding without them.  We figured that when he was ready to try again he would let us know.

Last weekend he let us know.

He took off down the sidewalk in a flash!

There he goes!  He was so proud of himself.

His only problem is starting to ride from a parked position.  He’s not quite sure how to handle the push off, peddle and balance that the take off requires.  But he’s getting there.  J lowered his seat a bit and that helped a lot.  J is also going to Bike Day on Friday with his tools and the training wheels just in case…

What a difference a year makes!  We’re so proud of Wildman.

*** I just realized that J is wearing the same shirt in both sets of photos.  I guess that’s his teaching-a-kid-how-to-ride-a-bike shirt***

Bike Day!

I think I’ve left the Hip Hip Hoo-Raisin post up long enough to make people insane.  You’re welcome.  🙂

Today was bike day at Wildman’s preschool.  All the children were asked to bring their bikes and helmets with them this morning.  Wildman’s teacher designated a special parking lot for her students.

At 9:30 AM Wildman’s ‘grade’ hit the sidewalks around the school.  It was so darn cute!

There were a few traffic jams and some kids took spills from their bikes as they made the big loop around the campus. But everyone left the event in one piece though.  And everyone seemed to have a blast.  Especially when ice pops were served afterward.

There were even a few children who were riding without training wheels.  Wildman has been asking us to remove his training wheels for a while now but we’ve been reluctant to do it.  We don’t want him to kill himself.

Maybe I’ll see if J can take the training wheels off this weekend for Wildman.  Now that he’s seen some of his buds on two wheels  we’ll never hear the end of it.  He’s so insistent to try out a “big boy” bike.  I’ll make sure he’s in head-to-toe padding though!