I’m Not Sure I’m Ready for This

I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby to ride a two-wheeler.  How did my kids get so grown up?  I swear they were infants just 2 minutes ago.

A couple of weekends back Cutie Pie requested that J take the training wheels off of his bike.  He went up and down the sidewalk a few times with J trotting along behind holding the seat.  Cutie Pie was completely unstable but determined.  After several tumbles the training wheels went back on.

Maybe I can have a few more months of a little dude on a little dude’s bike…


Afternoon Bike Ride

Because I am vehemently opposed to letting my sons sit in front of the television playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii all afternoon, I enforce exercise time after school.  Monday’s choice was a bike ride up to the library park then over to the elementary school playground.

Did you notice that the new driveway is finally done?!  J finished it off by brushing fine sand into the cracks and parked the boat on Sunday!  We’re so happy to have that project complete!

Monday was one of those days that Central Florida is famous for- sunny and mild with a cool breeze.  It was wonderful!  I decided to bring my camera along for fun.

How else could I show you a caution sign that you’d probably never see in… say…  Iowa?

We rode the huge loop around the soccer fields and stopped to do a few push-ups…

… and sit-ups.

Wildman wanted his picture taken with me which prompted me to consider changing my Facebook profile photo.

But before I could take a good self-portrait the boys had decided that they wanted to ride over to Wildman’s school playground.

We made it to our destination with little to no arguing over who was going to be in the lead.  That was a huge bonus for me because those two can argue like angry old men over it for what seems like forever until one is left in tears.

It’s great.

Real great.

Anyway, no arguing and no tears for that leg of our trip!  When we arrived Wildman immediately showed me his new skills on the swinging-handle style monkey bars.  He’s gotten so good!

Of course Cutie Pie wanted to give it a go.  Wildman insisted on taking a photo of me helping Cutie Pie across.

We hung out a little longer (pun intended).

While the kids tried to hunt up the biggest stick they could find, I attempted a new Facebook profile picture (such an interesting life I lead).  Not sure which one I like though.

We rode home with just enough daylight left to play catch with our neighbor across the street.  A good non-Wii afternoon, indeed!

Sunday Bike Ride

We’ve recently gotten to where we can all bike together safely as a family.  Wildman, J and I are competent two-wheelers and Cutie Pie is rocking the training wheels.  The boys know how to stop at intersections and look for traffic before crossing.  We’ve come a long way!

The weather was really nice on Sunday so we decided to get the bikes out for a family ride up to the beach and back.

I love it when the boys want to wear their sunglasses.  They look so cute!

We made it to the beach without a single accident or near-miss.  The waves were huge!  And the northeast wind felt so good while we rested on the boardwalk.  It’s beginning to feel like fall around here.  We may not be experiencing fall temperatures but at least we are feeling northeasterly winds.  We’ll take what we can get!

The boys insisted on riding their bikes over the little pedestrian bridge so they could check out the fish in the drainage ditch.

You can kind of see the gray minnows in the water if you squint and turn your head sideways.

I noticed this beautiful orange Hibiscus bloom on my tree out front when we got home from our ride.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

I have a confession: I know it’s only September but I cannot wait to decorate for Halloween!

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