The boys and I made Flubber today!  Cutie Pie’s preschool teacher sent home the recipe on Monday, and since I decided to keep the kids home from school due to a persistent cough, it seemed like a fun activity for us to try.

Flubber Recipe

Large Bowl

  • 2 cups white glue
  • 1 1/4 cups warm water
  • Food coloring of your choice

Mix and let it sit.

Small Bowl

  • 1 1/3 cups warm water
  • 3 tablespoons Borax

Mix small bowl ingredients with a metal spoon.

Add ingredients from small bowl to ingredients in the large bowl.  Mix with a metal spoon.  When mixed ingredients will form a ball.  Approximately 2 tablespoons of liquid will pour off.

We did not have enough Elmer’s glue to make a full batch (remind me to pick up some more when it’s on sale for 20 cents…).  We only had three bottles which came to about 1 cup.  So, I did my best to half the Flubber recipe.

The boys enjoyed adding the food coloring and stirring up the ingredients.

My rough estimates for half a recipe must have worked because we ended up with a Flubbery substance.

Flubber is pretty much like silly putty.  It bounces, it oozes, it can be used with play dough toys.

I highly recommend  whipping up a batch to stave off boredom!  It does the trick.  At leas for a little while 🙂


Play Dough and Markers

I made up a quick batch of play dough this morning to keep Cutie Pie and B occupied.  They both shouted “blue” when I asked them what color dough they wanted.  Because it’s 1000 degrees in the shade around here, I decided to let them play with it inside.  Normally we would have gone out on the back porch but there’s no need to subject ourselves to heat stroke.  I spread out the vinyl “art” tablecloth on the kitchen floor and let them have at it.

You’ll notice that B is sporting a Superman costume.  He’s really into super heroes.  Steph is planning a super hero birthday party for him in September.  He’s going to LOVE it!

Making blue spaghetti and blue hair was activity that kept their attention the longest.  There’s just something about squishing play dough through a press that little kids can’t get enough of.  I’ll admit that I enjoy squeezing play dough myself…

After the allure of play dough wore off, we moved on to glittery, scented bingo-type markers!  I drew some basic shapes on green construction paper and asked them to make dots in the shapes.  They could care less about my instructions.  That was okay.  It was more about the process than the final product anyway.

When the older boys get back from VBS we’re making pizza for lunch.  Yum!

7 Days Challenge- Blue

Today’s challenge for 7 Days is “Blue”. How we choose to interpret blue is open-ended. There are some pretty interesting concepts posted. Go check it out.

Here’s what I submitted: