Why I Love Living Here

I went to Starbucks for a skinny caramel latte this morning after dropping Wildman off at preschool. I noticed a sign on the bar advertising live music, surf videos and jousting at the Indialantic Boardwalk. I wasn’t too sure what the jousting was all about but the rest sounded fun. The event started this evening at 5 PM and ran to 11 PM. Going to events like this was the kind of thing J and I used to do all the time when we were home from college. I was excited to take the kiddies to their first outdoor concert at the beach. I made sure to mention it to J when I got home.

After Zumba and dinner this evening, we dressed the kids in long sleeves and jeans and hopped in J’s truck to head out to the beach. I didn’t stress about giving the boys a bath before we left or bringing snacks or any of the normal things that hold me up. It was kind of freeing in a way. We just took off sans diaper bag at 7:45!

We drove all the way down to Nance Park at Fifth Ave. in Indialantic. A parking spot was available right as we pulled in. J put a few quarters in the meter and we were off to find the source of the music. It turns out that several businesses at the boardwalk and a local church sponsored the festivities. Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery and Boardwalk Burrito Co. roped off their common parking lot for the band, inflatable movie screen and jousting pit. It turns out that jousting was an American Gladiators looking deal. It was an inflatable pit with two platforms in the middle. People donned headgear and tried to knock one another off of the platforms with huge foam bat-things.

It’s hard to describe the atmosphere but I’ll try. There was a cool breeze blowing in off of the ocean. Just cool enough to warrant long pants. The silver moon was dancing in and out of the clouds. When the moonlight hit the waves of the ocean, it was breathtaking. The sea was rough. The surf was pounding. People were either strolling along the boardwalk, playing on the beach or congregating across the street watching the movies or listening to the music. It was very relaxing. People didn’t have anywhere to be but right there in the moment. You could hear the thumping beat of the live band, children laughing, people chatting… Young and old alike were out to enjoy the festivities. We even saw a couple of nuns enjoying themselves. You could smell the salt air and people smoking in the distance.

We ended up over by the band for most of the time we were there. A bunch of little kids were front and center dancing and spinning in circles. The music was a mix of Reggae, Surf, and Rock music. You can check out the band’s myspace page if you’d like. The group was called Made of Hemp. They are a classic example of the kind of band you would expect to find around here.

Lance-O was their MC for the night. It was fun to watch them and dance along. Wildman loved it when I picked him up and swung him around. Cutie Pie even got his groove on in the stroller 🙂

We stopped in Cold Stone to get some ice cream. Wildman got a chocolate kid’s cone. He was in Heaven!

After we ran the kids around on the beach on our shoulders we decided to call it a night. Cutie Pie was getting cold and tired. And our parking meter was running out of time.

We had a wonderful evening out as a family. I hope to do it again very soon!