Touch Tank at the Library

The Riverwalk Nature Center set up a small touch tank at the library last week.  Thinking it was going to be fun for the kiddos, we headed over to check it out.  While the presentation was very informative, the representative from the nature center did not adjust her speech for her audience.  Most of the children were between 4- and 10-years-old.  The talk was geared more toward a high school or adult audience.  The children were naturally a bit bored and fidgety.

By the time the children were asked to line up for the touch tank, Wildman had been reduced to behaving like this…


Happy Father’s Day

We spent Father’s Day afternoon at the beach in Cocoa Beach.  We packed a picnic lunch, the umbrella for shade, the boogie board and the surfboards.  J’s goal to to try to teach the boys (and me) how to surf.

Wildman rode a few small waves in with J’s help but quickly lost interest. I tried my hand at the long board (sorry no photos of me) and found that I have absolutely no balance…

Cutie Pie wanted nothing to do with learning how to surf with J and the surfboard.  He took his boogie board out and taught himself how to catch a wave, how to stand up on the board and how to ride the wave to shore.  It was pretty amazing watching him at only four-years-old.  He had such determination!  I was so proud of him!

Big Red and his boys joined us for a few hours too!  It was a nice relaxing way to spend Father’s Day.

When I get my camera and the boys’ creations together, I’ll share photos of the ceramic mug and plate that they painted at a pottery studio for J…

Sea Turtles!

Our local Sea Turtle Preservation Society hosted an open house/fundraiser event today in honor of Archie Carr‘s birthday.  For those of you who don’t know, Archie Carr was a famous ecologist who was instrumental in sea turtle conservation.

The boys had a great time checking out all of the exhibits.  They were especially fascinated by the models of sea turtle nests.  Ping pong balls were used in place of real eggs.

Mara Uman Hixon, a local chidren’s book author and conservationist, was there to sign copies of her books.  There were two different books about sea turtles to choose from so I ended up buying one of each for the boys.  We read them tonight for our half an hour of reading for the library’s summer reading program.  It took me the entire half an hour to get through both books.  They were extremely informative and the illustrations were gorgeous!  I was actually quite surprised that the boys paid attention for both stories since they were so long.  That’s the sign of a good book I guess- when they can keep the attention of a 4- and a 6-year-old!

I hope to take the boys to the beach this summer to watch the sea turtles lay their eggs.  It’s such a cool experience!

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