Visit to KSC

This has been a whirlwind day.  The time is 6:30 PM and it’s the first chance I’ve had to sit down at my computer all day (almost unheard of).  I’ve been out to the hospital to visit my mom three times today delivering various items like a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Light, a contact lens fresh from the optometrist, magazines to stave off boredom and salads for lunch.  All of that was done around my usual routine of dropping kids off/picking kids up at school, Zumba and driving the kids to their activities.

I’m pretty sure that the doorbell is going to ring as soon as I bite into my dinner of microwaved pizza…  Hold that thought.

Yep, I was right.  My organic produce just arrived.

That’s the way my day has gone.  I have been shuffling from one thing to another all day and I am wiped out.

Not too wiped out to try to post something fun though.

Let’s talk about our trip to the Kennedy Space Center on Saturday!  Every September KSC opens its doors free to Brevard County residents.  They encourage everyone to donate a canned food item that will be donated to a local charity.  It’s a great thing- learning about giving as well as space.  Since J was out of town, I was happy to have something fun for me and the kids to do.  So, we grabbed our food donations and headed north bright and early on Saturday morning.

I was disappointed that more people weren’t donating food.  Come on!  Free entry into KSC is worth a canned food item at the very least, right?

We hopped on the tour bus first thing and were surprised to find ourselves first in line!  When we went two years ago we had to wait in line for well over an hour.  This time we breezed right onto the bus.  No waiting, no whining kids, no hassle.  It was great!

The first stop was the launch pad viewing platform.  The shuttle was not out there yet.  The next launch is in November so we weren’t lucky enough to see it like last time.

Our next stop was the Saturn V Museum.  I’m not sure if that is the official name of it or not but the building has a real Saturn V rocket in it.  It’s huge!

We got to see many fun things like a moon rock, a space capsule, the lunar rover, the Apollo mission control center, the 60s astronaut van and many other things.  The boys had a blast running around checking things out.  We had lunch there and even had cheesy tourist photos made where they Photoshop-ed the boys’ heads onto astronaut bodies.

When we arrived back at the visitor center we met astronaut, Wendy Lawrence!  She’s a pretty remarkable woman having flown on four shuttle missions.  I asked her to sign out tickets.  You can see that Wildman is more interested in trying to snatch things with the “space” grabber toy that he conned me into buying for them…

Cutie Pie was too short to ride the Shuttle Launch Experience where you get to live a shuttle launch complete with motion simulation, super awesome sound and sweet video.  Wildman was just tall enough to ride, however.  I found myself with quite a dilemma since Wildman really wanted to ride but Cutie Pie could not.  I was by myself so I had to stay with Cutie Pie.  The nice ride attendant informed me that Wildman could ride by himself and Cutie Pie and I could watch him on a video camera in the next room.  Wildman agreed to go it alone (what a big, independent man I have these days).

It was so cool!  Wildman grinned from ear-to-ear for the entire ride.  Cutie Pie and I got to experience everything but the motion simulation right along with him.  We were waiting for Wildman right outside the ride doors.  He came rushing out to us shouting “THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!”

I’m so glad he didn’t get J’s motion sickness and fear of thrill rides.  🙂


Summer Saturday Nights at the Zoo

Saturday nights during the summer are super fun at our local zoo.  They open the doors free to the public on Saturday evenings.  There are lots of vendors and musicians on the summer schedule.  J heard that his friend’s band was playing a couple of weeks ago so we took the boys up there to check it out.

J’s friend, Brian, is the lead singer of Drift Session.  We listened to them play several songs before we went exploring.  Their style is very relaxed and mellow.  We heard a bunch of reggae and a few classic surf hits while  we were there.

The boys got a kick out of tipping the band.

The boys grew antsy after a while so we decided to see what animals were out.  Happily, we were able to see a cheetah at the newest zoo exhibit!  It opened in February and the cheetahs were apparently hiding out then because we did not see a single one.  We hadn’t been back to the zoo since February so it was nice to finally get the chance to see a cheetah.

It was a nice way to spend an evening out with the family.  The boys were wiped out by the time we got home!