Stranded… Sort of…

My car’s battery up and died on me while at my uncle’s house this morning.  I stopped by to pick up Cutie Pie who was having a play date over there with his cousin, B, while Steph and I ran errands.  I pulled in behind my uncle’s truck, turned off the engine and hopped out of the car.   When I came out and tried to start the car I got nothing.  Not even the slightest noise from my car.  SILENCE.  Crap!

I had about 25 minutes before I had to be at the preschool to pick up Wildman.  My uncle was supposed to go pick up T-bone from preschool too and he was blocked in by my SUV.  We were both stranded!!!  Double crap!

Steph had to do some things at work for a couple of hours so I swung by the hospital to drop her off before heading to my uncle’s house.  She was planning to have her mother bring her home in the afternoon since her mom works at the hospital too.  Little did Steph know that her mom’s car had broken down that morning…  Triple crap!

The good news is that J took his truck to work instead of his motorcycle and was able to swing by my uncle’s house to jump my SUV.  The other good news is that my in-laws were home and were able to swing by the preschool to pick up Wildman and T-bone at noon.  They brought the boys by my uncle’s house just as J got my car running.  We caravaned over to the dealership to drop it off.  J then returned to work and my in-laws brought me and the boys home.

Steph made arrangements with her sister to come pick her up from work.  So, I guess everything worked itself out.

This has been one heck of a frustrating day.  Whatever is wrong with my SUV had better be covered under warranty, that’s all I can say.  I can’t take anymore crap today.