Mother’s Day 2011

If the truth be told, Mother’s Day Weekend 2011 was a bit awkward.  Originally, I had planned to be totally selfish on Sunday.  I just wanted to spend the day with J and the boys- brunch at the Crowne Plaza followed by a trip to the beach.  I didn’t feel like hosting brunch at my house for my mom and J’s mom like I had done for the past several years.  Tension between my side of the family and me has caused me not to want to host family functions anymore.  Since my mom pretty much opted to spend Easter without us except for a drive-by basket drop off for the boys, I didn’t felt like putting much emphasis on Mother’s Day this year.  But I felt bad for not planning something special for my mother-in-law since she helps us out so much with watching the boys.  However, my conscious would not let me do something for my mother-in-law and not include my mom (although my own mother has no problem with such things).  So, I opted to plan nothing and sent flowers instead.

Then a text message changed everything late last week…

My aunt invited us to join the family to celebrate Steph’s birthday and Mother’s Day on Saturday night at a local restaurant.  Ugh!  Admittedly, I was torn but accepted anyway to keep the peace.  J and I schlepped the boys over to meet up with family (my mom, my aunt, Steph and her sister, Auntie Jo).  They chose to sit at the tiki bar out back with the live band.  It was loud and uncomfortable sitting on bar stools.  The only thing we could find for the boys on the limited bar menu was chicken fingers.  I ordered a couple of mojitos just to cope with the tension.

Steph’s kids were not there but Steph’s 63-year-old boyfriend was.  The more he drank the more touchy-feely he got with Steph and the more uncomfortable the rest of us became.  Our poor waitress was totally confused when she stopped by to check on us and the person she probably assumed was the father was making out with the person she assumed was the daughter…

Mr. Suave managed to spill a martini on himself and his dinner.  Then moved on to sing the praises of Elvis Presley.  Quote: “No one who has ever been on American Idol has had the talent that Elvis had in his pinky…”

Thanks.  You’re totally dated yourself, pal.

Mr. Charming further impressed me by quizzing Auntie Jo, a 28-year-old, on the writers of the 70’s folk songs the band was singing.  When she couldn’t answer the first question (Arlo Guthrie) and laughed it off by saying it was before her time.  He condescendingly spouted, “Well, Abraham Lincoln was president before I was born and I know who he was!”

I had to restrain myself from asking him if he knew any pop songs and song writers from the civil war because that was a more accurate comparison.

We trudged through the meal, the drinks and the pie that my aunt brought for Steph’s birthday.  My kids were a cute distraction from the necking at the end of the table.  I’m just sorry they had to witness that crap.  Everyone else at the table swiveled themselves away from the blatant PDA.  Even though it was totally inappropriate and awkward for everyone, my aunt, mom and Auntie Jo tried their best to act as though everything was perfectly normal and they were having a good time.

I’m really not sure what kind of birthday celebration it was supposed to be because I’m the only one who brought a gift…  After I gave Steph her present we all thankfully called it an evening.  We couldn’t get to the car fast enough!

On Sunday, we invited J’s parents to join us for brunch at the Crowne Plaza.  It was the most normal, well-adjusted experience!  We all had a wonderful time eating outside under a tent by the ocean.  It was how Mother’s Day should be.

The boys clearly enjoyed the treats from the chocolate fountain 🙂

Is it possible to travel on all holidays both major and minor to avoid the BS of my family?  Probably not but, believe me, I’d like to!


Mother’s Day Recap: Part I

Let me first address the appearance of my blog.  For some reason, the 1970’s rumpus room feel of the wood paneling appealed to me.  It probably won’t stick around but I kind of like it for now.

So, Mother’s Day!

We had a lovely Mother’s Day here at our house.  We invited my mom and J’s parents over for brunch where we feasted on all sorts of goodies.  I made a a dozen mini turkey sausage, mushroom and Swiss quiches.  They were divine!

I even tried my hand at a gluten-free breakfast bread for my mom.  She recently discovered that she has a gluten allergy so I wanted to make a yummy carb-filled treat just for her.

It didn’t go so well.

I baked the cranberry orange bread on Saturday afternoon.  It looked lovely and golden brown.  When I checked it with a wooden skewer, it came out clean.  I let the bread cool then covered it with plastic wrap for Sunday brunch.  When I cut into it this morning the middle was raw!!!  Like a lump of uncooked dough.  RAW!  Argh!  I had to toss the whole darn thing.

I ended up setting out a pail of yogurt cups on ice as my brunch offering in place of the bread…  I was really looking forward to tasting something gluten-free.  I’ve never had gluten-free bread so I was curious.  Guess I’ll have to try it another time.

I gave the moms each a little rocket-ship-shaped scrapbook album that I made filled with photos of the boys.  I also sent them a bouquet of roses earlier in the week.  They seemed to enjoy their presents and that made me happy.

After we had eaten ourselves into a stupor the grandparents departed.  Wildman and I lazed around on the couch for a while.  It was a great morning.

Stay tuned for the second installment of my Mother’s Day recap.  It involves lots of local scenery, an ambulance and a dragon!

Happy Mothers Day

Wildman, Me, Yaya, Cutie Pie and Nana

Wildman, Me, Yaya, Cutie Pie and Nana

It’s Mothers Day today!  I invited my mom and my in-laws over for brunch this morning.

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast casserole, doughnuts, muffins, fruit salad, OJ and coffee.  I’m still stuffed!  My father-in-law finally took the cooking class that J and I gave him for Christmas.  He made all sorts of chocolate desserts and brought half of them over to share with us!!!  They look so good.  We’re saving them for after dinner this evening.

J and the boys gave me a super duper juicer as my Mothers Day present.  Whoa!  I can juice whole apples with this bad boy.  I wanted something to make fresh lemonade with and was expecting a little electric deal.  I was not expecting a machine that would juice an entire lemon whole!  I can’t wait to try it out!!!

As I’m typing this post, the boys are outside living it up on the Slip ‘N’ Slide.

It’s supposed to hit 95 degrees today.  Ugh!  I wasn’t ready for the dog days of summer just yet…

But the boys seem to have no problem with enjoying the warm weather.  Especially when we have fun water toys to set up for them.


From our house to yours, Happy Mothers Day 2009!!!!