Cosmic Bowling

Cutie Pie and I have a birthday coming up on Wednesday!  J and I gave Cutie Pie the option to go anywhere he wanted to celebrate his special day in lieu of an actual birthday party with a bunch of kids.  On a side note, I’ve instituted the every-other-year plan for birthday parties.  Wildman chose to go to Legoland and it was so much less stressful than planning and implementing a party.  It’s nice to have a year off from that craziness.

Anyway, we told Cutie Pie we would take him anywhere he’d like to go: Disney, Sea World, Legoland, Busch Gardens, zip lining at the zoo…  He chose bowling of all things!  This is what he chose to do last year for his birthday too.  So, J looked into it and saw that our local bowling alley hosted cosmic games with the black lights, lasers and all on Saturdays from 3-5 PM.  J invited a few of Cutie Pie’s closest buds to join us and away we went.

The kids had a total blast bowling on their own lane with the bumpers installed.  Cutie Pie amazed everyone by winning with an even 100 points!

J, Big Red, Flash and I had our own lane next to the kiddos.  I bowled my highest score ever on our first game.  A 117!  I beat all the guys (J by just one point) and then proceeded to steadily get worse from there…  It could have been the bowling alley gin and tonics that were my undoing.  Big Red was the one who suggested that we have a round of G&Ts and set out to procure them from the sketchy looking bar at the back.  The first set were awful as I sort of expected.  I kept looking at my drink thinking something was not right.  Then I remembered a neat trick that I saw on Pinterest.  Tonic glows in black light!  The snack bar operator come bartender had made our drinks with club soda by mistake!  The drinks were not glowing.  Once they were remade, they tasted so much better and looked really pretty too.  Thanks, Pinterest!  You helped me troubleshoot my bowling alley beverage!  🙂


Spring Break Day 1: Bowling

Monday morning was rainy and nasty.  It was perfect weather for an indoor activity.  Since the boys had so much fun bowling at T-bone’s birthday party, Steph and I decided to take them back to the bowling alley.  Little did we know that Monday mornings are reserved for senior citizen bowling leagues…  We arrived at 10:30AM (soggy from our run through the sideways rain) to find every single lane occupied by the 65 and up crowd.  The rowdiest award went to the Red Hat ladies.  They know how to cheer, let me tell you!

We had to wait about 20 minutes for a lane so we let the boys play around in the arcade for a while. Isn’t the paneling lovely?  It felt like 1982 in there…

When our lane opened up we bowled as quickly as we could with 4 young boys who were getting hungry for lunch.  It was a lot of fun!

After we’d finished our 10 rounds, we turned in our shoes and headed for the car.  Luckily, the rain had stopped by the time we left.  We picked up some Happy Meals on our way back home.  Steph had an appointment with her attorney at 1 PM so I took her boys with me.

And then I proceeded to spend the rest of the day saturated in drama to the tune of Steph moving her things out of her house while she takes up temporary residence with her dad…  But that’s a story for another day.

More shenanigans are planned for Tuesday!

Let’s Bowl! Let’s Bowl! Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll!

Remember that song from Grease 2?  “Let’s bowl!  Let’s bowl!  Let’s rock ‘n’ roll!”  Yeah, it’s stuck in my head!

We were invited to a birthday party at the bowling alley today.  Wildman’s twin friends are turning 5 next week.  I can’t believe they’re that old already.  We met them a long time ago at the library’s story time when Wildman was 18 months old and the twins were two.  The twins’ mom is one of the sweetest people I know.

Wildman and Cutie Pie had never been bowling before today so they were super excited to try it out.

They had yummy pizza for dinner.  The kids scarfed that up, of course!

It took the kids two hours to bowl one game!  There were 12 children at the party with six bowling per lane.  It was so cute to watch preschoolers bowl.

Some of them could barely make the ball roll all the way down the lane.  The speed on one of Cutie Pie’s was 0.4 mph!!!  SLOW!  And one time his ball completely stopped before hitting a single pin.  A lane attendant had to walk out to retrieve the ball…

It was pretty much chaos trying to keep up with 12 mini bowlers but it was such fun!  The kids did a great job of taking turns and sharing the bowling balls.  No one got hurt either.  We might just have to take the boys back for a family bowling night one of these days.  J was bummed that he didn’t get to bowl 🙂

Oh, and the cake rocked!  That’s Publix cake for you!!! Yummy!!!

Happy Birthday, C and C!!!!