Bubbles and Other Shenanigans on a Spring Evening

I’m so happy it’s spring because we’re getting back to the days of doing fun things like this at 7 pm when it’s still light out.  The weather is just the right temperature for shorts but not hot enough to boil you.  If only it could always be like this!  How I wish I could bottle these moments up forever…  This is why I blog.



Sometimes you stumble across something really great at the dollar store.  That’s where I found this bubble wand.  When coupled with super, awesome, miracle bubble solution, you can make pretty fabulous bubbles.

I had purchased a similar bubble wand for Wildman  over three years ago.  It was just after Cutie Pie was born and I was looking for fun activities that we could do at home since I was in hiding-out-with-my-newborn/postpartum phase.  Here is Wildman from three years ago in our wide open backyard (no pool, no fence, no landscape, visible transformer box):

My, how he’s grown…

So, I found the same bubble wand in the dollar store last week.  Remembering the good times that we had way back when, I picked up two for the boys.

Simple pleasures are the best, aren’t they?


Do whatever makes you happiest today!

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