Easter Party

Dog in Hell...

He pled for my help... Instead, I took a picture.

Okay, so, it’s taken me an entire week to get the Easter Party post up on the blog…  Pathetic, I know.  It’s been one of those weeks again.  Dr. Cindita was in town for a couple of days, I had CPR training, and my busy life in general…  These are the many reasons I’ve been letting the blog slide this week.  But I find myself with a few hours this Sunday morning to catch up on things before I take off to Tampa to visit friends for a couple of days.  I’m taking this opportunity to update you on our family Easter party.

We had an awesome Easter last week!  We joined J’s parents for sunrise service at the beach at 6 AM on Easter morning.  Then we came back to our house for coffee, doughnuts and naps.  Later, we invited a bunch of friends and family over for ham sandwiches, pasta salad, deviled eggs, etc.  My mom’s sister, Mimi, brought her wonderful bunny cake.  It was adorable as ever!  The homemade icing was to die for.  So good!

I found it strange that there were all sorts of Easter pinatas in the stores this year.  I had never seen them before.  Perhaps I just never noticed them in the past or maybe this pinata deal is a new thing.  They seemed to be front-and-center on the shelves this year though.  I knew that the boys would love to go to town on one of them so I obliged them.  Here is J rigging it up on the monkey bars out back.

Nothing says “resurrection of our Lord” quite like smacking a paper Easter basket with a bat…

Cutie Pie wanted nothing to do with the pinata.  I tried to help him but he wanted none of it.

After several minutes of intense batting, the Wildman and his two cousins got to the good stuff!

After the pinata was smashed to smithereens the Easter Bunny was called.  The children were herded into the house so J and Big Red could consult with the Bunny about hiding eggs in the backyard.  Thankfully, the Easter Bunny was available to come over on such short notice and hide eggs while the kids played inside.  It did not take long for him to hide all of those eggs either!

Cutie Pie enjoyed this activity much better.

It was a fun day filled with faith, fellowship, and fun!


Happy Easter!

We went to a sunrise service this morning. It was so nice to begin the day at church outside. The crowd was awesome! This is a photo of the people who where in front of us. There were about the same number of people behind us!

Our sunrise was less than spectacular, however, due to the weather being overcast. It didn’t matter though. The ocean was glassy and several dolphins made an appearance (didn’t get a photo of them though…)

This photo of J and Cutie Pie cracked me up. After the offering, Cutie Pie wanted to bolt. I snapped this photo right before we gathered up our chairs.

J took this shot of Cutie Pie and I. There are so many strange things about it. Look at my hair. I have cowlicks all over the place and this photo makes one of them quite obvious… Take a look at the two dudes behind me on the right of the shot. The guy sitting has a noteworthy mustache. The guy standing is just plain noteworthy. I’ve never seen tie-dyed pants before.

The Easter Bunny brought bountiful baskets to our boys this year!


Cutie Pie’s:

This afternoon we hosted a family Easter party at our home. My aunt made her annual bunny cake! OMG! It tasted heavenly!

Here’s an action shot of the egg hunt in our back yard. I’m the one in the pink and white dress. T-bone, Wildman and Cutie Pie are in the lower left of the shot. That’s my FIL in the middle with his camera 🙂

A good time was had by all. I hope you all had an equally wonderful Easter!

I’m off to bed now! Night-night…