I Sound Like Bea Arthur

I have the beginnings of another sickness. Those kids of mine bring home all sorts of funky germs. Try as I may to keep their hands clean they still pass on crud. I think a lot of it stems from the preschool which is just a hotbed of disease 🙂

Hopefully I don’t have the flu like last time. My throat is all scratchy and my voice is all deep and gravelly like Bea Arthur. But I don’t feel achy and beaten down like two weeks ago. That’s a good sign I think.


Bea Arthur side note- My friend from high school, Wonder Woman, was dining at a local restaurant with her husband a couple of years ago. She glanced up from their table and locked eyes with none other than Bea Arthur! As they were getting up to leave with their to-go boxes, Bea stopped Wonder Woman’s husband and said “So, you’re taking home your Chicken Cacciatore.” Awesome! Apparently Bea was in town for her stand-up comedy show. What?! Who knew that Bea Arthur still performed?! Not me.


Wildman has been a little under the weather as well with a low-grade fever and low energy. He’s doing much better today though. I deemed him school worthy after checking his temperature this morning. He chugged some O.J., ate some string cheese and grapes and was raring to go.

Cutie Pie and I hit Wal-mart after dropping Wildman off a school. Easter offerings were littering the aisles. Baskets, cellophane grass and candy- oh, my!

I bought the kids some of these for their Easter baskets:

And I bought these for myself and J:

I love me some Cadbury Creme Eggs! Yum! The best Easter candy there is as far as I’m concerned.


Cutie Pie woke up from his nap waaaaaaaay early today and has been a whiny, crying mess ever since. I’ve spent the greater part of two hours trying to soothe the savage beast. So, now I will inundate you with random photos of my youngest from this afternoon.

He looks like he wants none of it in this shot. “Let me go, woman!”:

Climbing on Mommy always brings out a smile:

The pinball toy is good for some laughs too: