Too Cold for Manatees

Have you ever wondered what manatees do when it’s too cold outside?

Probably not but I’ll tell you anyway.  They seek out protected shallow canals and huddle close together.  We’re fortunate enough to live a block away from one such protected shallow canal.  From my previous post you know that it’s been darn cold around here as of late.  The little canal has been thick with manatees for over a week now.

A local news van’s antenna caught my attention when I was driving by the canal on my way to pick up the boys from preschool.  I glanced over to see a crowd of people looking into the water and taking pictures.  It looked like a good opportunity to show the kids some of the local wildlife.

On our way home, we stopped by the canal.  The boys were thrilled to see the mammals up close.  Every time a manatee came up to breathe the boys would shout, “I see a nose!!!!”

I hope the poor sea cows don’t freeze to death.  Temperatures have been in the twenties at night lately and the manatees are just not used to this kind of weather.  😦


Park Day

Cutie Pie and I ran a bunch of errands after we dropped off Wildman at preschool yesterday morning.  As a special treat I swung by a local park on the way home.  The weather was gorgeous but slightly too warm for my taste.  The incredible heat we’ve been experiencing needs to go!

Cutie Pie ran right over to the canal that borders the park.

And began throwing leaves and mulch into the water.

This is a favorite past time for him.  It makes me nervous.  Even though he can swim I’d still be terribly freaked out if he fell into the canal.  I can only imagine how traumatized Cutie Pie would be if he fell into the water unexpectedly.

We checked out this lizard sunning himself next to me on the bench.

After several minutes of leaf/mulch throwing and lizard investigation I suggested we head over to the play ground equipment.  He happily agreed.  I just love the huge grass field at this park.  It makes me want to run too!

There were a bunch of other kids playing on the playground so Cutie Pie, being the slow-to-warm child that he is, was reluctant to play.  Eventually he did manage to climb up one structure that was far away from the other children and slide down the slide.  That was about it.

He much preferred sitting next to me on the bench and using my camera.  Silly kid!

Later that evening, we headed back out for more park fun.  This time Wildman got to go and we went to a different park.  The park we went to was on the beach and we stayed until sundown.  The boys had a blast playing with all of their friends.

Afterward, we headed over to Pizza Hut with Steph and her two boys for dinner.  We sat in a corner where the four boys got their own booth and Steph and I got our own booth.  It worked out wonderfully as long as I kept the carrot sticks and ranch coming!