Sweltering Mini Golf Game

Cutie Pie has been begging me to go either bowling or miniature golfing everyday for over a week.  I finally gave in on Tuesday.  I told the boys that they could choose our activity that afternoon: miniature golf or bowling.  Luckily for me they both agreed on golfing.

We headed up to Funntasia in Cape Canaveral to use Wildman’s free game card that he won last year for a hole-in-one.  The boys chose to do the “Waterfall” course this time instead of the “Cave” course.  OMG!  It was so HOT!  It has been overcast and rainy here for two weeks but the skies had finally cleared by Tuesday.  Let me tell you, the heat was brutal!  I didn’t even keep score so we could move along the course a little faster.

After our game, we checked out the alligators in the feeding pond lagoon…

… and marked where we are from on the huge map in the lobby.

Then, we darted back down A1A to the McDonald’s in Cocoa Beach for two yummy smoothies to cool off!


Discovery Launch

I realized that I never blogged about the last launch of space shuttle Discovery.  On the afternoon of February 24th my friend, B, and I walked from her house to the beach to watch it. We piled the little ones into her red wagon.  Wildman walked and B’s son rode his bike.  Parking at the beach access was a nightmare so we were thankful to be able to walk from B’s house.

The kids passed the time before launch by playing in the sand and surf.  They were a complete mess requiring a good hose down by the time we got back.

Cape Canaveral juts way out into the ocean to the north of us so we end up with a pretty awesome view of space shuttle and rocket launches from our own backyard essentially.  Unfortunately, the weather was a bit overcast of the 24th.  We managed to see the liftoff but the shuttle got lost in the cloud cover soon after.

Can you believe there are only two more shuttle missions left?  I find it incredibly sad…

Tearing It Up at Manatee Park

Saturday was an especially windy day- great weather for kiteboarding!  J had heard that Discovery HD was filming a show about kiteboarding in the Banana River near Manatee Park in Cape Canaveral and wanted to check it out.  Since I was fresh out of photography class I was excited to take a few shots with my 300 mm lens.

So, the boys and I tagged along for this extreme sport field trip.  And a few shots turned into over 300…  Thank you, burst mode 🙂

Cutie Pie and Wildman had fun collecting rocks to skip in the river and checking out all of the colorful kites at the park while J set up his gear and I set up mine.

Manatee Park has lots of open, grassy areas that make launching kites a breeze (pun intended, ha!)

J’s kiting glasses kind of make him look like a cyborg or something but I think this shot looks like he should be in a magazine.

I found a spot along the bank of the river so I could catch J cruising by and doing tricks.  It was really cool!  The boys were hooting and hollering for him.

Eventually the boys grew bored with watching J and asked to go to a playground.  The strong wind made it especially chilly outside so I was thankful to retreat to the warmth of the car for a ride over to a park with a jungle gym.  J went on to kite further out in the river near a sandbar.  He also got to see the film crew on a boat.  I’ll be interested to see the show to see if J made it into the footage somehow.  Not sure when it airs though…

Of his afternoon kite session, J said it was one of the best ever!

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