BCC Planetarium

Us with Saturn V model... and a surfboard...

The Saturn V model I get. The surfboard I don't.

Wildman’s preschool arranged a field trip last Wednesday to the Brevard Community College Planetarium.  BCC or Beer Can College has several campuses scattered throughout our county.  The one with the planetarium is in the ‘hood.  Seriously.  It would not be safe to travel there at night. Most of the businesses and homes have bars on the windows.  There are pawn shops on many a street corner.  You see an unusual number of police patrol cars around.  I guess the police presence is a good thing.  But still…

The last time I visited the planetarium I think J and I were in college.  We were probably home on a break of some sort and had nothing better to do than take in the Pink Floyd laser light show in the ‘hood.  Good times.

Anyway, it was neat for Wildman and his buds to experience the two shows at the planetarium.  The first one they saw was a movie about the living sea.  Narrated by Meryl Streep no less.  And the music was by Sting.  The second show was in the domed theater.  It was called The Cardboard Rocket.  It was about two little boys who built a rocket out of a box in their backyard and imagined themselves flying through space visiting all of the planets in our solar system.

The seats in the theater were in a permanent recline position so everyone could easily look up on the ceiling to watch the show.

The boys loved checking out the cool exhibits too.  The Whisper Dish was pretty fascinating for Wildman.  When he spoke into one dish his friend way on the other side of the huge room could hear what he said in the other dish.

The pendulum clock deal was neat as well.  I caught T-bone sneaking under the railing to get a better look at the golf balls…

All in all, the planetarium was probably a tad too advanced for the preschool set.  But the children enjoyed the field trip nonetheless.  It’s nice to get out and do something different every once in a while.

Oh, and get this.  Steph and I are practically celebrities amongst the preschool kids.  We’re known as “the Zumba ladies”.  So many kids came up to us to say how much fun they had doing Zumba on Monday.  We were so happy to hear the positive feedback.  Hopefully, we’ll be asked back again before the end of the school year.