Cold Fusion

J and I decided to take the boys out for ice cream on Saturday night.  A store recently opened up a few towns over that puts a new spin on the concept of an ice cream parlor.  It’s called Cold Fusion.

They make ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, etc. right before your very eyes by freezing the ingredients with liquid nitrogen!

The boys thought it was so neat to watch the staff make the frozen treats.

Little known fact: I was in charge of making liquid nitrogen (LN2) ice cream at the chemical engineering booth at the UF career fair when I was in college.  I guess I could easily work at a place like this 🙂

The boys loved it when the chilly liquid nitrogen fog came out from under the glass guard.  You can see the LN2 nozzle covered with ice in the above photo.  Liquid nitrogen something like 320 degrees F below zero.  So you can imagine how fast the ice cream freezes!

Here’s what we all ordered:

J- cake batter ice cream with tons of cinnamon (tastes like a snickerdoodle cookie)

Me- peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups

Wildman- cake batter ice cream with Nerds

Cutie Pie- Pepsi ice cream with peanut M&Ms

It was totally worth the half an hour drive to get to the store.  We all enjoyed our yummy treats.  It was after 8 PM when we decided to head over so you might have noticed that my kids were already in their pajamas!  LOL!