Color Changing Cars

The best entertainment around our house lately come in the form of color changing cars.  We have quite a few from Hot Wheels and Disney’s Cars.  All the boys need are two tubs of water- one hot and one icy cold.

I must admit that I enjoy playing with them too…



We awoke Tuesday morning to a frost!  It looked like our neighbors’ roofs were iced with snow!

The boys loved checking out the layer of frost that had formed on our lounge chairs.  Cutie Pie’s face cracks me up in the above photo.  He’s such a nut.

I could also write on the fire pit cover…

As cool as it was for the boys to play in the ice that had formed in their water table, I’m ready for a warm spell!

Ice, Ice, Baby! Too Cold! Too Cold!

Steph, B and I took a little-kid-mini-vaca on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  We removed all 6 children from school and pointed the SUVs toward Orlando.  We had a mission and that mission was ICE!

Here in Florida, where our December lows barely graze 50 degrees, we have no choice but to artificially create a Winter Wonderland.  The Gaylord Palms thoughtfully set up such a place for us to visit.  A place carved from over 2 million pounds of ice.  Thank goodness the kiddies brought their mittens (thanks to the Target $1 bin) because it was COLD!  Like 9 degrees cold.  We Floridians have thin blood, you know.

The sexy blue parkas that were provided did help to keep us quite toasty though.

Most of the ice sculptures were illuminated by colorful lights.  We entered into an Alaska-themed Eskimo fishing pond first.  Gorgeous!

There were many warning signs along the way.

Wildman, being Wildman, did not take heed when we came to the ice carousel.

I wonder how many other kids have licked that same deer’s ear…  The kids were allowed to sit on the carousel animals because they had plastic saddles.  Don’t think we were breaking all of the rules…

There was this scary Santa carving that we made 5 out of the 6 kids climb up to and strike a pose.  Only the little girl in our group refused.  Smart girl!  Talk about dead-behind-the-eyes!

We came to ice slides at the end of our tour.  They were a huge hit with the children and adults alike.  We stayed in the slide room for half an hour freezing our tails off watching the kids take turn after turn zooming down the chutes.  It was so awesome!  Although I lost feeling in my hand and feet by this point.  I should have bought some mittens…

I think it is safe to say that my boys had a wonderful time!