Waldorf Stars

I folded and assembled a couple of Waldorf stars out of kite paper on Tuesday evening while I watched The Voice.  I felt like I needed something to do with my hands while I watched the two-hour episode.  Even though The Voice is my new favorite show I didn’t feel like just sitting there while it was on.  This little project was the perfect thing. Colorful, simple, therapeutic.

Here’s what one of the stars looked like in the sun on my sliding glass door the next day.  Lovely!  I think they look like summer.

Tutorial for how to make Waldorf Stars is found here.

Kite paper can be purchased here.


Cooperative Painting

Keeping the boys entertained and engaged in doing more than watching television is sometimes difficult this summer.  Last week I decided to surprise them by setting up colorful paint palettes, various fun painting instruments and a huge piece of craft paper on the back porch bar.  They were thrilled to begin their creative endeavor!  Once the t.v. had been turned off…

I loved how they jumped right into working together to create a painting.  It was fun to watch their ideas take shape.

Here’s what the final product looked like.  So colorful and interesting.  I think I need to make painting a weekly project…

I’m writing the post during a few unexpected quiet moments on Sunday evening.  My mom took the boys to dinner followed by a visit to the park and J has gone fishing in the Keys with Big Red.  I have to admit that I’m really enjoying this time alone 🙂