Chef Mickey

If you have preschoolers and you’re taking them to Disney World, I highly recommend making reservations at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort. It’s an awesome character dining experience! Dinner was a little pricey but well worth it! We took the boys to Chef Mickey’s on Thursday evening. Since we didn’t make reservations three months in advance, we ended up with an 8:20 PM seating. By the time we drove over to Orlando, checked in at our hotel and drove to the Contemporary, it didn’t seem that late. The kids snacked on crackers and juice in the car on the way over so they weren’t starving or screaming.

Here are my men in stripes waiting to be seated:

Five characters made the rounds that evening: Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Mickey and Donald. I believe the character line up changes from time to time. I know that sometimes Chip and Dale are in the rotation. Anyway, the characters go from table to table continuously all evening long. The kids get to hug them, take pictures, give them high-fives, etc. They get complete one-on-one time with each of the characters. It’s adorable!

Minnie visited us first:

Cutie Pie liked her nose best:

Pluto stopped by next. Cutie Pie checked him over for cavities:

I love how Wildman is looking up in wonder in this photo:

Goofy, me and the boys:

The Mouse himself:

The kids were getting sleepy by the time Donald came by:

As far as the food goes, there is something for everyone at the buffet. Wildman especially enjoyed the pizza, chicken nuggets and Mickey macaroni and cheese. Cutie Pie ate his weight in Mickey mac and cheese! J and I were pleased with the tortellini and baked salmon. We could have ordered wine, beer or cocktails if we had so desired. We opted for the family friendly soda beverage choice 🙂

But we had to save room! The dessert bar was to die for!

Yes, that’s an Oreo with a chocolate Mickey ear hat!

All in all, it was a fantastic dinner out with the kids! Wildman is still talking about it!