O Dark Eighteen

That’s right, folks.  I joined the ranks of the insane this year.  I went out with my family on Black Friday.  Not with the kids and husband, of course.  Just the womenfolk.  The time you see in the above photo indicates when Steph and I pulled out of the garage.  No one should be awake at 4:18 AM!!!

Here we are looking all cheery.  Well, everyone except me.  I look half asleep and I was.

I look more alive in this one.  Notice how I have a death grip on my coffee mug.

You’ll be happy to know that there were no tramplings, shootings or stabbings to speak of at any of the stores we visited.  I was mildly concerned for our safety since I’d never done this kind of commando shopping before.  I’d only heard the horror stories on the news.

This was our first stop:

I purchased a Wii for the family ($249, yikes!) and a Hot Wheels play set ($10, yeah!) for Wildman’s birthday.  Steph scored a jungle gym for their backyard for $69 and a PS2 bundle for $129.  I think she saved like $300 or something crazy like that between those two items and the other things she picked up.  Woo hoo!

We hit Target next.  There was almost an altercation between myself and Steph and a crazy lady in line.  You see, an elderly woman had fallen on the pavement trying to step up onto the sidewalk.  She was visibly shaken by what had happened and was still kneeling on the ground when we got there.  We helped her up but she was really wobbly.  Steph and I asked her if she was okay but she didn’t really talk.  I think she was embarrassed and probably in pain.  The doors to the store opened as the woman stood up and the line started moving.  The elderly lady took off ahead of us and meshed into the line.  We were concerned that she might fall again and get trampled or something so we lagged behind to keep an eye on her.  Steph is an RN so she would probably be able to do something for her if she was hurt or sick.

Well, as we were meshing into the moving line behind the elderly lady some chick behind us got all passive-aggressive.  She started shouting that some people are SO RUDE and HAVE NO MANNERS or RESPECT.  She went on to say shout that we were lucky that she had class and wasn’t going to start a fight with us because there are some people out there (with less class, apparently) who would beat people like us up.  Super!

Steph and I didn’t make eye contact.  We played deaf.  It’s not like we pried the last Bratz doll out of this woman’s hands, smacked her with it, then ran off laughing maniacally doing a little jig.  We were legitimately trying to help someone or at least make sure she got into the store safely.  Clearly the crazy, passive-aggressive chick didn’t see what happened with the elderly lady.  That or she did see what happened and is just plain nuts.  That could very well be the case.  You want to know the strange thing?  Passive-aggressive lady’s voice sounded just like a lady in my Bunco group.  Crap!  I so hope it wasn’t her.  I can just see something go down at our next meeting.  I’ll keep you posted.

Anyhoo, aside from the Target line drama, nothing major happened.  We visited a few more stores to rack up some more savings and then headed home.  I was exhausted by noon!  I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping.  Yeah!