Auntie Jo and Dude’s lights did not disappoint this year!

We traveled up to their house last Friday night to do three things:

1. Check out the awesome light display

2. Drop off the boys’ letters to Santa

He wants an ipod, a gumball machine and a bag of candy...

He wants a bigger bike and bigger car seat (?!)

3. Check on Auntie Jo.  She got boobs for her birthday and Christmas…  I guess one for each occasion?  What am I going to do with that girl?  *sigh*  Sorry, no photos of the new boobs… But I do have a cute picture of J and the boys.

All was well at their house.  No silicone leaks, infections or unlit lights to report.  The lights were spectacular as always!

Check out the garage:

Christmas would not be Christmas without a visit to their house.  It was amazing!