Our Sunday

J had to go in to catch up on some work.  He left us mid-morning on his motorcycle with a wide-open day ahead of us and no plans.  So, I called my mom to invite her over to swim.  She had been asking to come over to watch the boys swim for several weeks and I figured this was a great opportunity.

We spent a leisurely Sunday morning and early afternoon swimming in the pool and sunning ourselves on the lounge chairs.  The boys showed off their skills by diving for six colorful dive rings.  Yaya was impressed.  Much cheering and woo-ing could be heard.

I made tuna salad sandwiches for lunch.  It was a very nice way to spend our Sunday.  I’m just sad that J wasn’t there to enjoy it too. But he did manage to come home in time to accompany us to our friends’ house for dinner where we ate awesome kabobs and carrot cake.  So, all was not lost.  We had some quality time with him at the end of the day.  Quality time with him and some whoopee cushions that our friends’ kids had…  Good times!


Steph took her mom, Mimi, to NYC for 6 days.  I think Mimi might have a bucket list…  Just speculation but I think her latest medical incident might have prompted this whirlwind trip to the Big Apple.

Anyway, they’re supposed to be at the Today show this morning acting like fools trying to get on camera behind Matt Lauer or Al Roker.  I’ve recorded all 100 hours (it seems like it’s on for that long) of today’s broadcast in hopes of seeing them.  Steph apparently went to a spray tan place prior to their trip and came out pumpkin colored…  I’m so sad that I missed seeing this!!!  Our friend, B, was shocked to see her at work on Friday looking like Ms. Carotine.  B mistakenly thought it was a bad make-up job and tried to rub the color off of Steph’s cheek.  It  obviously did not come off and Steph did not find B’s gesture very amusing…  Heeeee!  So, I’m hoping Steph sticks out in the crowd and I’m able to see her and her mom with their embellished poster board.

Nothing screams TOURIST quite like a bad spray tan…