Decorating the Tree

J and the boys picked up our Christmas tree from Lowe’s last weekend.  Wildman chose the family this year.  It might be a little squatty and it might shed its needles like mad but we think she’s a beaut!

We finally got around to decorating it on Tuesday evening.  We only had one ornament casualty.  The skiing Christmas bear’s skis were severed when he fell from a branch.  A little super glue fixed him right up though.

Wildman also insisted on a lighting pattern.  Red, green, green, red.  I love that he’s totally taking ownership of the tree this year 🙂

We made sure to honor J’s grandmother who passed away earlier this year by hanging some of her handmade beaded ornaments.  They bring a nice retro feel to our tree.  I really like them.

I took a little self portrait to prove that I was there, soggy hair and all!  J took a few pictures of me but they came out a bit blurry.

We had a nice time hanging all of our special ornaments right before the boys’ bed time.  I like to think that they will look back on these holiday traditions fondly.  J and I sure will!


What’s That Smell?

It’s Douglas Fir!

That’s right!  We purchased The 2008 Family Christmas Tree this weekend!  Yeah!  The boys wore their special tree-picking shirts.

It didn’t take us long to find one with a nice shape, good height and just the right fullness.  I think the tent lights dimmed and a Heavenly glow illuminated this tree when J found it.  It was one of those moments.  Perhaps the camera didn’t quite capture that…  This is J singing “Hallelujah”.

I was happy that it didn’t take us an hour or more to hem and haw about a tree.  It usually takes us forever to find THE ONE.  There was no question about which tree was ours this year.