Where Overalls and Plaid Shirts Rule

We survived Monster Jam 2010 at the Florida Citrus Bowl!

I was not so sure that we would survive given where we parked…  It was pretty much in the ‘hood and a decent hike from the Citrus Bowl.  Yikes!  Luckily there were police officers and crowds of people everywhere.

We parked the car, made certain it was locked and followed the sea of rednecks people marching toward the arena like it was The Promised Land.

The event was just beginning when we found our seats.  The rain that had moved in earlier that day had thankfully dissipated by the evening.  However, my seat received an awesome steady drip, drip, drip of runoff from the tier above us.  My soggy left knee and I really appreciated how much the drip added to the arena’s ambiance.

Monster trucks are loud, let me tell you!  We had to purchase ear muffs for the kids.  Wildman refused to wear his in favor of the ear plugs that J brought along for us to wear.  I was not too proud to don the mud-tire ear muffs.  Anything to preserve my hearing!

Here are photos of all of the monster trucks that we have in Hot Wheels form:

El Toro Loco


Maximum Destruction

Grave Digger

Some of the highlights from the night included funnel cakes…

… watching the soccer mom democross race…

… watching Maximum Destruction smoke and roll…

… and, of course, watching Drunky the Bear from my favorite talk radio station flip a car…

He was okay…

The boys had a blast!  Wildman was completely wiped out.

Cutie Pie?  Not so much 🙂

Besides football and baseball, I cannot think of another more American event than a Monster Jam…

It was an evening we won’t soon forget.  Tickets went on sale for next year’s Orlando Monster Jam at midnight last night.  I think I might wait awhile before purchasing them.  A year in advance seems a little premature, don’t you think?