A Note from My Beloved

This is an e-mail that J sent me from D.C. this week. It made me laugh so I thought I’d share:

So far my evening has been GREAT, CRAPPY, more CRAPPY, then just down right AWFUL.

GREAT = I stopped by Safeway and guess what?! They had big bags of Fiery Habanero on sale! So I bought four bags – they expire in Aug!

CRAPPY = I was so excited (and on my way to pickup a pizza) that I had a run in with Virginia’s finest. 41 in a 25 to be exact.

more CRAPPY = picking up a cold pizza then getting stuck in traffic for 40 minutes which resulted in a VERY cold pizza.

AWFUL = getting back to work and opening up my pizza (ordered extra cheese, extra sauce, pepperoni) to find a miserable piece of crap which was literally BARE in places. NO cheese, NO sauce, but decent pepperoni. And it was not even remotely warm.

So I promptly emailed Dominos about a terrible pizza. And to top it off, it cost $142.

Love you,